Planning Rules Upheld For Sheppard West

Dear Residents,

We received a rare bit of good news from a provincial appeal body this week when the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (formerly known as the Ontario Municipal Board) upheld City planning rules that limit the size and location of development in the Lansing and West Lansing areas.

The City’s rules restrict building heights on Sheppard to five or six stories in most locations and limit development to properties fronting onto the main street. This plan, initiated by me and supported by area residents, was opposed by …

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Neighbourhood Zoning – “The Missing Middle”

Toronto’s housing stock is made up mostly of single homes and highrises – with a relatively small amount of townhouses, duplexes and four-storey walk-ups.

Recently, housing advocates have begun calling for planning changes in areas such as Willowdale, where they believe this “missing middle” should be allowed alongside single homes on neighbourhood streets.

This would be a major departure from rules that exist now, and a reversal of a city promise to residents not that long ago when the city adopted a new Official Plan. Accept high …

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