From City Hall: Support for Arts & Disadvantaged Youth

From City Hall: Support for Arts & Disadvantaged Youth

Council has adopted my proposal to create new funding for a arts program which will liven up public space while helping young people get involved in something positive.

And it won’t cost taxpayers a cent.

Here’s how it works. For years, developers have been using their hoarding around construction projects to give themselves free advertising – billboards, in effect – on city property. My motion, which Council adopted earlier this month, creates a small fee for each linear metre of hoarding which advertises the upcoming development.

Because of the huge amount of construction taking place in the city, a lot of small amounts could add up into well over a million dollars in new money.

The Toronto Arts Council will use the money to support creative projects which can beautify and enliven public space, involving youth who might otherwise be involved in less productive activities. Some of the funding will also be used to involve newcomers in similar projects.

Look forward to seeing the results by 2016.


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