What’s New in COVID – July 17

What’s New in COVID

I spend lots of time – maybe too much – tracking this invisible but deadly threat, compiling reliable information I hope will help keep us safe. I’m careful, in this space, not to offer my own projections, and I encourage you to do your own research.

We should rely on advice from public health officials, based on a body of evidence they have at a point in time, while keeping in mind that this sometimes takes a while to emerge. Only after it …

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Resident-Recommended Restaurants in Willowdale

Resident-Recommended Restaurants in Willowdale

The following is a compilation of restaurants recommended by Willowdale residents, and all offer delivery or takeout in the community. A variety of delivery apps may be used for these restaurants (such as Skip the Dishes, UberEats, DoorDash, or Fantuan).

This list will be updated regularly as more recommendations are made by residents. Email your local restaurant recommendations to councillor_filion@toronto.ca.

Ajisen Ramen

Website: www.ajisen.ca
Address: 5229 Yonge Street
Phone: 416-223-0618

Angus Pho House

Website: www.angus-pho-house.com
Address: 5443 Yonge Street
Phone: 416-901-2586

Anju Bar and Eatery

Website: www.anjubarandeatery.ca
Address: 6080 Yonge Street
Phone: 647-349-1130

Ava Esfahan Food Market

Website: http://en.avafood.ca/
Address: 193 …

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