Vision Zero Road Safety Plan

Vision Zero Road Safety Plan
The City of Toronto has announced several new initiatives to improve road safety and to enforce the message “slow down Toronto” in school zones. These initiatives are part of the City’s $86-million Vision Zero Road Safety Plan and will coincide with a Toronto Police Service school zone safety campaign.
New measures undertaken already this year include:
  • The Toronto Police Service’s “Slow Down Toronto” campaign in school zones focusing on traffic enforcement and driver education on speed, distracted driving and aggressive driving.
  • A one-year pilot project to provide new flexible in-road traffic calming signs in 12 school zones across the city. These new signs will be placed in the middle of the roadway as a reminder to motorists that they are in a school zone and to slow down.
  • Accelerating the School Safety Zone program retrofitting 80 schools in 2018, up from original plans to retrofit 20 schools annually.
Across the city, Transportation Services staff will conduct reviews around schools for additional safety improvements to improve safety for kids walking to school. Some examples include:
  • new school zone safety signs with flashing beacons
  • zebra markings at school crosswalks
  • examination of placing a school crossing guard at major crossings, and
  • traffic calming measures beyond the frontage of schools.
Several other initiatives are planned for 2018, include:
  • implementing an automated speed enforcement pilot
  • reducing crossing distances via painted curb extensions
  • introducing a mobile “watch your speed” program
  • installing more senior safety zones and pedestrian safety corridors
John will also be initiating conversations with several neighbourhood associations and school parent councils this spring. If you would like to stay informed on dates and locations for these conversations, please contact Markus O’Brien Fehr by e-mail.
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